Sustainable development for the protection of the environment, local & global communities.

Our impact on the environment is relatively small because we recognise our responsibility to reduce that impact as much as we can.

Buying and selling antique, vintage and estate jewellery represents sustainable purchasing and selling. We buy both to resell and to use the gemstones from those pieces for the jewellery that we create, and the precious metal is then recycled.

New coloured gemstones are sourced mainly from Alan Poultney Gems. We are then confident of the blockchain:  they have been cut by Alan Poultney using rough material that he has ethically sourced either from the mine or as close to the mine as possible. Alan Poultney also recuts any of the coloured gemstones that we remove from the antique and vintage jewellery that need revitalising in readiness for a new life in our creations.

When creating jewellery, we collaborate with an independent jeweller and setter who are both within a 30 minute radius of our workshop. Our bespoke boxes are made in the UK by a 3rdgeneration company.

We offer a remodelling service to clients for the jewellery that they no longer wear, using the gemstones and recycling the precious metal into new pieces that will be worn rather than languish in a drawer.  

We aim to reduce and minimise our environmental impact by reducing the use of materials & supplies, using renewable or recyclable materials & components and using like-minded suppliers.

Alan has over 30 years’ experience in the diamond, coloured stones, jewellery and valuation business. He was the co-owner of a leading diamond laboratory based in South Africa, grading diamonds and coloured stones to the G.I.A. system. Alan is an accredited jewellery valuator of the South African Jewellery Valuators Guild and a fine and accomplished cutter of coloured stones. He designs beautiful exclusive jewellery for clients world-wide.

Sue qualified and practised as a solicitor for many years in the UK before moving to Botswana where she continued to practise as a solicitor before opening her own consultancy business specialising in labour relations. She had the very great honour of being the first female judge in Botswana when she was twice appointed on a short-term basis to the Industrial Court bench.

We believe that you should look at every piece on its merit and that quality is not just about the age of the piece or the name of the designer/manufacturer. We also believe that collecting is about buying what you like and having the confidence to go with your instinct and mix styles and periods. Most importantly it is about having fun and enjoying your purchases.

If you have anything that you would like to sell and you think that it might be of interest to us then please contact us. A picture of the item and as full a description as possible would help us enormously. If you are also looking for something in particular, then we would love to help. Join Club Scarab and make use of our exclusive Finder Service - we never know what we are going to find on our travels!

Jewels by Scarab Arrow
Jewels by Scarab Arrow